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Separation Anxiety

What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a panic disorder that is very similar to phobias in humans. It is estimated that about 17% of dogs suffer from the disorder. It is a common reason dogs are surrendered to shelters or euthanized.


 Much like phobias in people such as a fear of spiders or flying, fear of being alone is not rational — you always come home to your dog! Many alone-time problem behaviors like destruction and barking are possible expressions of your dog’s discomfort or panic with being left alone. Your dog is not in control of their feelings of fear or the resulting problem behaviors. Unfortunately, separation anxiety is not something that will resolve itself and in fact, can worsen over time.

The good news is we can help!

No more worries about destruction, neighbor complaints or your dog being stressed out while you’re away.

How is it treated?

Training Package

Separation anxiety is a panic disorder so during training we have to go at the dog's pace. Because of this we do require at least a month commitment to start. Our month training package includes:

Initial live assessment to determine your dog's starting place

Individualized daily training plans


Weekly live meetings

Email and phone support, problem solving help and coaching

Click here to schedule a free 30 minute phone call to discuss your dog and the protocol 

Separation anxiety is treated by systematically breaking down absences into steps that your dog can handle, and building up to a normal routine while keeping your dog relaxed the whole time. Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, Jane Wolff, will write you easy to follow daily steps and provide the tools and support you need to help your dog recover.


Because separation anxiety is triggered by you leaving your house, it is most efficient and effective to treat it remotely. This means you do not have to be within our normal service area! As long as you are in the US and have an internet connection, we can work with you!


Jane has been our expert, our partner, our cheerleader, our therapist and Willa’s biggest advocate. She brings evidence-based expertise in desensitization for phobias to our work and has a seemingly endless supply of empathy, humor, kindness, hope and creativity that she marshals to problem-solve even the most intractable challenges in separation anxiety.

- Kathryn and Willa

Jane has been a lifeline through our SA journey with Dakota. She has amazing intuition knowing when to push limits and when to back off. Jane has been our biggest support, always available for questions. We couldn't have made it this far without her! We highly recommend her program!

-Christine and Dakota

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