In Home Dog Training Packages

Remote Training and Classes

Private Remote Training 

Remote training is a cost-effective and convenient way to get personalized, one-on-one coaching and instruction for you and your dog without leaving the house! You get the same knowledge and counseling as in person clients — we can model and demo with one of our dogs so you can see how to do it and then coach you through working with your dog.

Whether you need help with fear/aggression, basic manners, resource guarding, vet/grooming issues or leash reactivity, we can help you achieve your goals through remote training!

Don’t worry — we’re here for you!

Getting started with an initial consultation for remote training.

All remote training starts with an initial consult. During this time we’ll set goals and determine
what additional training is needed.


During this hour and half appointment we will:

Discuss your concerns about your dog’s behavior

Go over management strategies to give you (and quite likely your dog) some relief

Discuss training and/or behavior modification strategies to resolve your dog’s issues

Remote Group Classes

Be virtually social with your dog in an online class! These classes are a great way to have fun with your dog, learn new skills and help with stuff! In these quick, one-session mini-classes, we will explain things, demo with our own dog(s) and then coach you through it! By capping at 6 participants, we will have plenty of time for individual coaching and to answer questions.

Puppy Socialization During a Quarantine

Whether you have a new puppy or a newly adopted adult dog, socialization is important! But how do you manage in a quarantine?

We will show you fun, creative ways to socialize your dog while still maintaining social distance.

We will answer your socialization questions, provide video examples and demo with our own dogs!

Written notes/homework with easy to read and follow instructions.

Saturdays at 10 am EST

Working from Home with Your Dog

Your dog is likely thrilled that you’re working from home — but it can be challenging to get things done when you’re constantly interrupted.

We will teach you some basic behaviors that make work-from-home life easier with your dog. Cues like “go to mat” and "stay."

We will show you creative ways to incorporate quarantine enrichment to keep your dog busy!

Written notes/homework with easy to read and follow instructions.

Saturdays at 3pm EST

Leash Reactivity

Walking your dog is a great way to manage anxiety — but if your dog is reactive, that can make walks stressful rather than stress relieving!

We will teach you basic behaviors that will make walking your reactive dog easier (and make walks fun again)!

We will answer your reactivity questions and coach you through the process.

Written notes/homework with easy to read and follow instructions.

Mondays at 6pm EST

"Highly skilled, effective trainers who use humane methods and want the best for you and your dog."


-Jessica Ring

"Top tier trainers who really care. Laura and Jane are qualified to help you with just about any dog-related issue under the sun!"

-Sarah Cress

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