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In Home Dog Training Packages


Fear and Aggression

Fear and Aggression Consults

What are fear and aggression behavior consultations suitable for?



How it works: Initially, we'll meet you and your dog online for an initial remote consult. During that first session we will gather a detailed behavior history, prioritize training goals, implement safety and management strategies and potentially work on some cues and exercises that we'll demo live and coach you through. 

After that initial consult, you'll receive a tailored report with all the pertinent information from the session including the training and safety/management plan. Based on your behavior concerns and training goals, we'll schedule in person or remote follow up sessions best suited to working through our plan together. 

  • Fear

  • Anxiety

  • Resource guarding

  • Aggression

  • Reactivity ​

The Initial Consultation

Getting started with an initial consultation for fear and aggression.

All fear and aggression cases start with an initial 2 hour remote consultation. That appointment includes:

A personalized training plan

Management/safety instruction

Behavior and prognosis assessment


Ongoing email and text support

"Laura and Jane have been wonderful in helping train our puppy as well as our reactive old man dog. Reactivity can be so frustrating, but they gave us so many tools to manage the issue. They are very knowledgeable, patient and kind. They are behind you every step of the way."

- Erica, Hamilton and Coffee

"Jane has been an ongoing support for us when we have concerns or issues arise. She has made our pet experience with a big dog who had several issues manageable and enjoyable. I would recommend both Jane and Laura for any training issues."

- Kimberly and Molly

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